Property Management

Our company provides a wide range of services including Property Management. Combining our 25 years of experience and the more than 150 properties currently manage, David Spyrou Estates is one of the best property management agencies in Cyprus. Our clients are always the main focus of our company and therefore however we proceed with managing their properties, are for their own interest.

Moreover, we pride ourselves for having enjoyed for decades the trust and confidence of our clients to manage their properties, whilst residing either in Cyprus or abroad. With the assistance of our lawyers, our Group ensures that the sale contracts or assignment agreements entered into by or on behalf of our clients for the sale or purchase of properties are fit for the purpose, as well as that all the due diligence and preparatory checks for any encumbrances, mortgages, easements, rights of way and other prohibitions affecting the immovable property have been properly performed at the Land Registry or the Town Planning Authority.

Our associates operate as an inseparable department of our Group, hence ensuring that legal support is provided to our clients seamlessly, as well as that our clients maintain peace of mind whilst our Group handles the legal aspects of their business.

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The estimation of real estate is necessary for a variety of endeavours, including financing, sales listing, investment analysis, property insurance, and taxation. In addition, for most people, determining the asking or purchase price of a piece of property is the most useful application of real estate valuation. An appraisal establishes the Market Value of the property depending on the deals done of the surrounding area.

In order to come to a concluding Market Value, data is gathered covering details like the particulars of the property, the area, neighbourhood and the supply and demand of the region. As a company we work solely with a registered company of surveyors and provide appraisals to our clients when needed.

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The philosophy of our Group is the provisions through our associates of integrated quality services in the fields of construction and real estate development. The improvement of the activities, through the continuous investment in capital equipment, new technologies and the continuous training of its human resources, with the sole aim of as much as possible to meet the needs of our customers.

The highly specialized, scientific and technical staff are able to execute and support high quality projects using always the best machinery and materials.

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Legal Assistance

David Spyrou Group has established a valuable network of associates across the property spectrum to ensure the provision of a holistic service to its clients. To this end, our Group is working closely with local law firms to provide our clients with legally sound commercial advice, as well as avail access to specialized and prompt legal advice on property law, immigration, tenancies and construction law matters.

We regularly co-operate with our legal associates to guide our clients through the naturalization by investment process under the Cyprus Investment Programme when entering into high value investments and ensure that investments of comparatively lower value meet the requirements for obtaining the Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit.

Lastly, our Group can ensure that commercial or residential lease agreements signed for the lease of their properties ensure the clients’ return on investment. When necessary, our associates’ step in to resolve any issues that may arise regarding the managed properties, including the recovery of rents in arrear, the eviction of defaulting leaseholders and the compliance of our clients’ counterparts with the obligations undertaken towards them.