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The American University of Cyprus (AUCY) will open its doors in Larnaca in September 2021 while its second campus in Ayia Napa is still under construction and will begin welcoming students in the near future. In addition, the new university offers undergraduate and graduate courses largely in business, science and technology thus, the only university in Cyprus to follow the American model. 

It is intended to fill a gap in the Larnaca and Famagusta regions but also bring a new educational opportunity in our city of Larnaca. The AUCY will create new job opportunities for Cyprus but also will benefit the overall investment sector of Larnaca. With the new students coming in Cyprus, the possibilities are endless as they can finish their education but also consider in staying and investing within the country with various companies.

The new university will offer degrees that are fully accredited and duly approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and particularly the CYQAA (Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education).

Furthermore, there will also be a full-scale academic exchange program with a reputable, regionally, and internationally accredited US university. Lastly, AUCY is in the process of affiliating with several universities in other regions, based on their expertise in the desired programs.